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Troubleshooting Guide: BIMx Hyper-Models do not show up on Android devices


Note: this issue is related to the legacy app version. It doesn't occur anymore in the next-generation Android BIMx (build 2021.3557) released in 2021 July. See more in BIMx News.


It can happen sometimes on certain Android devices that the imported Hyper-Models do not appear on the Home screen after opening BIMx.


A system component that is preinstalled on certain devices interrupts the proper BIMx data-migration process via Google Account. The default container folder of the Hyper-Models becomes write-protected, so the .bimx files cannot be downloaded to it.


1. Close the BIMx application.

2. Locate the „bimx” folder on your internal storage with a File Browser application or while connected to a PC.

3. Delete the folder.
Please note that all imported models will be removed by this action so you might want to create a backup folder on your PC for your models. If your models are stored on the BIMx Transfer Site, it is not necessary because your Transfer Site Models won’t be affected.

4. Open BIMx again.

5. Import models with the „+” button from the Home screen. The „bimx” folder will be reset automatically on your Internal Storage space.

Importing Hyper-Models should work after applying this workaround.

If it does not solve your problem, please contact us at

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