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Story Groups & sublevels

Would be great to have "Story Groups". For multiple buildings on a lot or for multi buildings. The workarounds are very cumbersome. ie.Stories Building A:Roof: 21'-8"Level 2: 11'-8"Level 1: 0" Stories Building B:Roof: 30'Level 2: . (linked to Buildin...

hmartell by Contributor
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Layer Combination and Pen Set in the Layout Book

Archicad should have a place in the Layout Book for setting the Layer Combination and Pen Set. The Layout Book has a different Layer Combination and Pen Set that is separate from those that can be applied to and saved with Model Views. I think that t...

Hide all SAF definitions on Work Environment profile

That will be very befitting (according to others software definition like this, such as MEP items), if we could in "Work Environment" hide all SAF definitions/tabs. It's annoying as an architect open a slab tool definitons window (for exemple), and f...

Gutter Object

It would be great if it were possible to add multiple outlets to the gutter outlet for larger commercial schemes. We can add multiple objects for the various downspout connection on the same run but it would be better if it were possible to add addit...

APPLY" button in properties windows for instant preview

Every time we change a property of an element we have to hit OK to see the result. If we want to correct it, we have to reopen the properties windows. That's a lot of extra clicking, especially when we are about to make some creative decisions. Not a...

Grid Elements

When floors plans are different from each other in terms of size then grid's bubble can't not be adjusted individually for each floor in order to place them reasonably close to the boundaries of the building so the smaller floor plan will have a larg...

Disconnect Priority from material

The priority parameter is locked in the material and sometimes results in different copies of the same material only because it needs a different priority. When the priority is disconnected an can be changed as an instance parameter materials would b...

Rve by Contributor
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