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Post your wishes about Graphisoft products: Archicad, BIMx, BIMcloud, and DDScad.

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Surface materials in 3D document

Another one that should come with AC25. In this version a new option in elevation/sections/interior elevation came up to show surface materials with texture.This feature should be also for 3D documents. It is now kind of possible with set of graphic ...

Opening lines for more objects

Hi,in AC25 new kitchen cabinets were presented with possibility to show opening lines for them in 3D/elevation. Great feature, less 2D drawing. But the opening lines are also important for the rest of the objects with with doors/drawers such as wardr...

Tool activation

In an earlier post I mentioned that I am "mouse heavy" and try not to use the keyboard as it takes my eyes off my monitor. One of the issues I have is the distance I have to move the cursor to start many of the tools. What I would like to see is the ...

Drag image directly into 3D window and scale

Just recently I received an email indicating that AC27 is coming (in early stages today) and that Graphisoft was looking for insight and ideas but unfortunately didn't provide a link to send that kind of information. I am hoping this might be the rig...

Project 1.jpg

I wish we did not need to change Working Units.

I would like to have the working units in Archicad be able to accept any unit of measure (inches, feet & inches, mm or m) at any time I need with out changing the Working Units settings. Sketchup allows this. As it is now, if inches is the Working Un...

tactile indicators for stairs

Hi! It would be great if it was possible to add tactile indicators directly from the stair tool in the same way that you can add the anti slip to the treads

Sabrina by Booster
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