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Please make a single topic wish per thread in this Wishes forum. Do not combine multiple wishes in a thread if you hope to have the wish classified and considered for the future roadmap. Make the subject line of your Wish post a concise summary of th...

Resolved! Move folders in BIMcloud Basic manager

As BIMcloud Basic is file management system, must be an option to have "Move" function available for "Folders" same as for files. As Graphisoft is talking about management of several thousands of files in BIMcloud servers it could be big headache to ...

Element type groups - more groups please!

For some criteria we have element types grouped - 2D types, 3D types. Can we have a few more groups - one for the ever expanding list of mech types and another for subtypes - treads, rails, mullions etc.It can be quite tedious to filter out some of t...

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publish reference with transparency

I would like to be able to publish the trace reference to pdf with the same transparency and color that are visible on my computer screen.

Feature request: Dimension unit override

Wishing there was a way to override dimension units for dimension strings. For example, this would allow one to show some dimensions as feet and inches for general construction, and others as fractional inches, for accessibility. Thanks!

Feature request: Drag a copy to drag multiple

Wishing for a way to switch from dragging a copy to dragging multiple. When dragging an element, the option key (on Mac) can be pressed to drag a copy or option and command together together to drag multiple. But when dragging a copy by using command...

Unintelligent Dimensioning Tool, could be smarter

It is nice to be able to create composite walls to represent the actual material thicknesses. However, I don’t like the inconsistent way AC25 rounds dimensions. A 4 7/8” wall when the dims are set to round to the nearest 1/4” will sometimes display 4...

Feature Request - Searchable attributes for all tools

Hi, Can GS look at upgrading searchable layers for all tools? For example, I am trying to use it on Edit Selection Set but can't search layers. Would be nice to see the searchable attributes on Objects as well. Cheers,Shaun.

Resolved! Changing colors/pens based on layer

I know it’s not possible so I am adding it into my wish list. It would be awesome if I can select electric plan layer (or any other later anyone uses) and turn it all whatever color or pen is desired, same for other layers. For certain plans I like t...

Section Cropping & Change Log

The Change Log / Revision Management is great in AC, but I have a problem with it generating false / irrelevant revisions. The problem comes when cropping sections (and elevations). Where elements touch the crop / range boundary and are changed and l...