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Please make a single topic wish per thread in this Wishes forum. Do not combine multiple wishes in a thread if you hope to have the wish classified and considered for the future roadmap. Make the subject line of your Wish post a concise summary of th...

Allow vertical rotation of design elements

Allow vertical rotation of objects like curtain walls and others than can be used horizontally or at a specific angle.For example when using curtain wall as the cap or cover of a light tunnel. We need to be able to rotate this elements vertically (in...

Jay by Contributor
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Make the ends of walls "turnable" just as slab edges and beam ends are

I wish that we could adjust the angle of the wall ends just as we can adjust the angle of slab edges and beam ends. The wall-end tool has a flaw. It only works relative to the reference line of the wall in a limited range of angles. If we have many c...

Jay by Contributor
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Copy the Archicad IFC ID

Dear GS, could we get the ability to copy the IFC ID from the element settings? If one tries to search for an element via the IFC Project Manager we could use this ability as one could paste the ID into the search field instead of remembering at leas...

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Miha_M by Advisor
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Garage doors need more love!

 Hi all, I've been busy recently with industrial projects and oh god, garage doors really need some love. |'ve had to manually model all the doors, due the production company that we work with not having BIM models - and let's be honest - most of the...

Garage Doors.jpg

A more efficient Find & Select

The Find and Select functionality is very useful as it is but I think that there are a few improvements that can be made regarding efficiency. Saved SelectionsCurrently, accessing saved criteria sets is inefficient - open dropdown, select criteria se...

Place Drawing improvements

Hi, It would be a great improvement to have a 'search bar for internal views' in this pop-up dialogue box. Also the fact that it still 'pops-up' with all folders open and not with last view selected is a poor conclusion. Hope to see some improvements...

Resolved! How to change color of layer

How to change color for layer only? I found to do it is to change set of pens... but too complicated. Is there easy switch to change colors for layers?

Toggle for switching between imperial and metric system?

We are working with team in Europe and United States, we both have different systems, plus some furniture/ have inches in specs, some in cm... its just time consuming to go to menu & select dimensions (3-4clicks) and during the day this all quite con...

Archicad updates 25 (Will they do an actual user-friendly updates?)

I really really hope that Archicad will bring this year "an actual" improvements. Since the Archicad 25, I have to say a lot of things changed, in a bad way. Things that were before automatic, user friendly, are now PITA... (CTRL+F) aka selecting sam...