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Please make a single topic wish per thread in this Wishes forum. Do not combine multiple wishes in a thread if you hope to have the wish classified and considered for the future roadmap. Make the subject line of your Wish post a concise summary of th...

Window/door schedule - material adjustment when not in use

What I'd really like to see adjusted is the ability to edit fields if they aren't currently active (ie: change the material of a sill even if it's inactive. Typically there's one chosen by default and I want to change it more easily when not in use t...

P_Arcke by Participant
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Please Fix Bugs/Glitches

Not sure if this is a "wishlist" item or not... but Archicad bugs have been compounding for a few versions now. I have not had a single file since AC22 or 23 that DIDN'T have model view options go missing in the view map. This is not related to any c...

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4dProof by Expert
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Truncate Surface Label text

The Surface Label is great, but it can only show the full name of the surface. We need a way to show a code in the drawings and the full name in a schedule.As of now I'm using a custom property for walls which truncates the surface name using a simpl...

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Label Geometry For Text/Autotext Labels

Would it be possible to have in the next AC version different shape frames for Text/Autotext similar to the ones of Composite/Profile Name label?

adrian_s by Participant
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Wish: Better way to modify definition of dimension parameters

Perhaps I'm not doing this right, but I believe the current method of redefining a dimension type requires you to save a custom setting using the exact same name of the existing type you want to modify. Only then does AC think you might want to tweak...

Doumentation Wish - Changing linked PDF page without relinking

When linking PDF drawings using the drawing tool, you are currently only allowed to pick a page when linking the file initially or when you relink the file using the drawing manager (edit: or by right clicking the drawing and relinking). Once the dra...


Palette to view and edit a selection of Archicad properties

HelloThe "information" part in BIM gets more and more crucial.To be able to keep the most important properties under control, I would love to have a palette where I can define my – let's say 10 – top properties to be shown.So it would be mainly an "I...

Being able to amend grid markers on each view (plan, detail)

This is a feature I had experienced on Revit and it was really helpful. Gridline is just acting as a line and a marker head can be moved to any location to make the grid shorter. Shorter line for details or other views could solve my problems.