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Please make a single topic wish per thread in this Wishes forum. Do not combine multiple wishes in a thread if you hope to have the wish classified and considered for the future roadmap. Make the subject line of your Wish post a concise summary of th...

Archicad classification differs between language versions

Dear GS, I am just going thru the CZE Archicad 25 that was released today, and I noticed an inconsistency in the Archicad default classification system. Why is the classification in CZE version still lacking some items compared to the international v...

Window and Door tools need more settings

Hello, everyone. I use standard tools for windows and doors 99% of the time and I can say it was a good tool for all this time. Times change and lately they change a lot. I believe it's time to expect quite an update for those 2 tools:1 - Frame geome...

Archicad rectify placement tool

It would be very helpful if Archicad had a function that worked through a selection set, rectifying the edge angles and positioning of already placed elements that have been slightly inaccurately placed. It is extremely common to inherit projects in ...

Resolved! Forum display "code" fragments

In the new Community environment, the text editor allows you to include nicely formatted code fragments in the integrated rich editor, but they are displayed without any color in the actual post. Would be nice if the syntax colouring from the editor ...

stefan by Expert
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GDL Editor - Again

Hello Forum :I attempted to post this in a past thread but the post was got lost in the process. I began using Archicad 9 because I was led to believe it would allow me to model a 3D timber structure in great detail. i.e. every 3D object was real and...

Request: Disabled Bathroom Accessories

Hi Graphisoft, I kindly request that you make available the following items:Independent bathroom grab bars, similar to those used with the disabled toilet seat.Make the possibility to disable the toilet in the disabled bathroom toilet.Thank you

Reconstruction status in solid-element modeling operations

Suggestion: When performing solid-state modeling operations, the reconstruction status is not taken into account. Consequently, there are implicit errors in calculating the volumes and areas of objects, taking into account their reconstruction status...

FBX Export Archicad 25

Is there at plan to give us the option to export to FBX in the future?I see that many users talk about it but turn it to that there now is a solution to it by Datasmith to use with Twinmotion. But not all of us work with Twinmotion.I work with 3D Stu...

Coulouri by Contributor
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