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So, this is perhaps a bump from previous topics but the full functionality has not yet been solved.

My wish is for spreadsheet style calculations in Schedules.


As a simple example:

A big residential project - with a number of different apartment types (1 bed, 2 bed, 3 bed etc.) which is of course a part of a total number of apartments. Currently we cannot list these apartments and have the schedule display their repective percentages in relation to the total. This would be extremely beneficial to general project management and how and what we can deliver to clients.

Stefano fuma

great idea


Very great Idea. Need it for calculation of areas




Mats Knutsson

This is a recurring wish originating before electricity was invented. Would be epic!


That would be fantastic!


Hi @Erik Bjornhage 
I might be missing something to understand your wish but looking at your example, I expect that using Expressions in Properties might give you exactly the calculations that you are looking for.
There are several ways (ie. use Layers / IDs / Properties / Zone Categories for each type) and filter by means of these parameters to distinguish the 1 bed, 2 bed, 3 bed units from each other so that they can be filtered in the schedules & calculations.
Yes, it does not work the same way of doing as in Excel / Google Sheets, etc but you can get the exact same outcome with quite good flexibility.

@Francois_MCD - I wish that was true, but sadly no.


You can get a lot of information and a lot of calculations done through expressions but there are limitations.

To follow the previous example, yes you can easily distinguish between 1Bed, 2Bed etc. and calculate their individual numbers.

However, you cannot get the schedule to display their percentage of the total number of apartments - something which is crucial.


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