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Resolved! BIMx Desktop Viewer – Add Presentation Mode & Issue Creation

Hi everyone, as a company that mainly models with ArchiCAD, it would be obvious to use BIMx as a presentation and visualization tool. Unfortunately, it is still not possible to create presentations with the desktop application. Without this feature B...

Lucien by Participant
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Support for IFC git (native ifc)

Hi can you support in ARCHICAD with IFC git or native ifc https://osarch.org/2022/10/15/whitepaper-published-on-native-ifc-methodologies/maybe would have collision with BIMX but for better animations and academic use ifc native would have great impac...

Isaina by Participant
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BIMx - colour of cutted parts

Hi,I would like to add possibility to change colour of cutted parts in BIMx. The orange steals too much focus from the rest of the content.Kind regardsKarel

BIMx Feature Wish: Navigation Back & Forward...

I don't know if this topic has been considered previously.. When Markers & Hyperlinks are enabled while viewing a BIMx Hypermodel, it would be very effective to be able to return to the original view after having jumped to a hyperlinked view. The clo...

Harout by Participant
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BIMx with layer visualization control

Hi. I'm not sure if I'm right, but seems that the last BIMx Desktop viewer has lost the ability to hide layers (with many other visualization controls). I'm aware that new realtime rendering is beauty, but many times it coulb be usefull viewing hidde...

Make BIMx Pro free for SSA members

It is the consensus that ArchiCAD 26's release was one of the most unimpressive upgrades in the long history of ArchiCAD upgrades. Factor in the price point for upgrades or SSA, and it may be at the top... especially since it came after a 10% price i...

Real wishes.

I wish that everybody who puts in a wish would take the time to master the tools that are currently available. The reason for this is that more than half the wishes can be obtained in a so-called "work around ".Are these workarounds? Or are these jus...

3D settings/visualization of zones in BIMx

Hi, Zones are great for creating quick volume and for getting a lot of information; however, my team is feeling that zones in BIMx are not intuitive enough, and we are finding the following issues: 1. We assume that when we share the link of the BIMx...

karinamdp_4-1667559490045.png karinamdp_7-1667561695598.png

DDS-CAD viewer for mac

May this great free viewer and collision detector work on mac too! and I would even dare to say that it is a viewer in the cloud from the BIMcloud, it can be from a virtual machine for SaaS users.

BIMx Sun Position and Archicad sun settings

Hi,it will be great if we can export the BIMx model with the Archicad sun settings (date and time) instead of the actual presettings according to Cast shadows in BIMx Mobile - Graphisoft Community:The default position of the slider is in the middle, ...

_Salmon by Contributor
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