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Curtain Wall: Custom Panels & Boundaries

Hi all, Custom Curtain Wall Panels should have the option to be trimmed rather than scaled to fit overall CW boundary. I do not see the reason why you would ever not want this to be the case, but the option should be there for legacy use. Unsure if t...

Parametric Reference Line as Element Generator

It would be ideal to be able to identify a polyline as a reference source to link building elements. Foundations, walls, slabs, roofs, trim can all be associated with the reference line. An edit to the reference line will dynamically update all of th...

JoeA Contributor
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WISH: 3D Worksheet

Wish: To have predefined independent 3d space for object creation instead to make objects (customized furniture, handles, equipment etc) inside the common project space.In my pipeline I make a layer combination called "Object Modelling" and special l...