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Filter Fills by Category using Graphical Overrides

It seems that this idea was intended to be implemented, but it is not currently functional. When using Graphical overrides, only if the element type is defined as Fill, then a filter for Fill Category becomes available, showing different kinds of fil...

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Control over Surface Merging

I have searched the forums and found the below posts from a few years back (which are since locked). https://community.graphisoft.com/t5/Modeling/Intentionally-create-Lines-between-Elements-w-same-Surfaces/td-p/163137/page/2?f=20&hilit=merging%20surf...

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WISH: Zone and Schedule Formatting:

With varying regulations on numerical data presentation for spaces in different countries, I strongly believe that Archicad should introduce a separate type of scheduling that allows users greater flexibility to organize data and graphical representa...

Material Priority List

Is there a list available with material priority? I am aware that this depends on the type of project but what is a good starting list? is there a template list available? Or does anybody like to share their priority list? and wouldn’t it be better t...

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Graphic Override Improvements

Flexibility in 3D rendering would be greatly improved by adding overriding controls of transparency and opacity to the surfaces settings in Graphic Overrides. It would allow parts of the model to be faded and maintain focus on the important parts of ...

Blending Modes on Layouts

We often overlay 2D drawing linework on top of renders, but we have to do this in Photoshop. If ArchiCAD had an option to use Photoshop-style blending modes to control how elements react on the layout, this woukld keep everything in workflow.