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Coloring textures

I would like to see a better solution for changing colours of surfaces. So that you can change colour of a surface quickly and it can be changed in 3D window, elevations and renders. I mean surfaces that use texture image. A good example is Revit wit...

Rendering the missing link: A matching tool.

Hi there! ARCHICAD is a great lovely 3D CAD program! Which includes a wonderful photorealistic rendering engine called: CINERENDER!Nonetheless one tool is missing. Ex. in France concerning the "building permit" step it is imperative to show our proje...

Picard Graphisoft
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CineRender and Redshift Wishes

Hi For the photo realistic renderings I have some remark concerning the renderers integrate cineware and redshiftCineware:1. I would like to have a denoiser for cineware2. The possibility of creating a rendering in the background of the document dire...

Complex profile as roof edges

Currently (Archicad 26) the roof tool allows modification of each plane, to assign eaves/gable/ridge/valley... etc. and to individually decide how the edges are cut. In actual construction this is a complicated element and should really be defined us...