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Ai Server not available

Michiel Neven



I, Have Downloaded the AI Virtualizer, dragged it in to the add-onn folder but receive an AI server not available Error. What am i doing wrong?


Scherm_afbeelding 2023-11-17 om 16.33.33.png


Scherm_afbeelding 2023-11-17 om 16.33.43.png


Yes, you have to wait for the rotine is completed. Then you should have the AI Engine working


If you are on windows, don't close the command prompt window after initializing the engine, just minimize it and click Generate.

this is actually a very important tip.


Also, copying the add-on folder in to your Archicad folder might overwrite your existing add-on folder, deleting all the previosuly installed add-ons. If you are running a non-english, localized version, AC will not recognize a folder named 'Add-ons', instead copy the contents of the 'Add-ons/Extra' folder in the install package to theequivalent of your Archicad 27/Add-ons/Extras folder next to any previously existing add-ons. 



Does anybody get a RuntimeError message in the Python Window after clicking the Start AI Engine?  Any way to resolve this?

Screenshot 2023-12-02 08.41.18.png

I am getting exactly the same error message.


Can we get a solution for this please?


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