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ACAPI_Attribute_Modify may not modify some kinds of layer in teamwork mode


This is a report.
In teamwork mode, if the layer object set is not reserved, a layer localy created and not sent could not be modified by the ACAPI_Attribute_Modify.
In such case, ACAPI_Attribute_Modify returns 0(=NoError). But though I immediately got the layer parameters by ACAPI_Attribute_Get, nothing had changed in them.
Instead of ACAPI_Attribute_Modify, I was able to modify the layer by attribute delete/create API functions. (Actually, it is need some additional code to avoid deleting the element associated with the layer we're modifying.)
The flags field in this layer had the APIAttr_IsClientCreated flag was ON. In the API_Attr_Head document, description of the APIAttr_IsClientCreated says that "such an attribute can still be modified or deleted in teamwork mode". But it seems has some restrictions.

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