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ACAPI_Automate returning REFUSEDCMD error

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I'm calling
err = ACAPI_Automate(APIDo_CloseID, NULL, NULL, NULL);
from my menu handler with a new plan open from a template and it returns APIERR_REFUSEDCMD

Is there a way to close the current file?
Tibor Lorantfy
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

Unfortunately you can't use APIDo_CloseID from an AddOn, it's not a public operation. That's why it was refused.

I don't know why do you need to close, but maybe the following function can help you:
ACAPI_Database (APIDb_CloseWindowID, API_WindowInfo* windowPars, NULL, NULL);

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Thank you.

The Document Management System I'm interfacing with has a close after checkin option which I was trying to honour.
However as the Addon is disabled if the file is closed I've decided to not honour the option.

Thanks again.
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