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API_Attribute.header.modiTime vs API_Element.header.modiStamp


Can someone explain the difference between modiStamp and modiTime?


I figured out that modiTime is a straight unix time stamp. 

Ex: attribute.header.modiTime = 1569584172 = Fri Sep 27 2019 11:36:12 GMT+0000

Ex: element.header.modiStamp = 46103487 = ???


Is there a way to convert one from the other?


Tibor Lorantfy
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni



modiStamp is not related with time, it's just an incremental stamp. If one element's modiStamp is higher than the other's, then that element was modified later. You can interpret it as a version of the project's database. As soon as something changed, then that "version" will be increased and the actually modified/new elements get that number.

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