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Archicad C++ API
About Archicad add-on development using the C++ API.

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New Developer Hub Migration Completed

[UPDATE] Hi all, thank you for your patience. We are happy to announce that the migration of the Developer Hub has been completed. The Developer Forum is officially retired. To get a quick overview of the new Developer Hub, kindly check out this arti...

Resolved! Write Report

This question has been asked before but I don't think there has been a satisfactory answer.The WriteReport function in the examples is not writing to the Session Report.Is there another location other than the Session Report?I have checked the Write ...

Resolved! Attribute index

I am trying to obtain the attribute index (Font) by typeID and name in the attribute header. ACAPI_Attribute_Search(...)Can't figure out the code to set the name -- my 'C' is not so good.The name can be set either by the attribute name[API_AttrNameLe...

Property Definition Element list

Knowing the definition guid, can one obtain a list of all elements (guidlist) which have that particular property definition assigned to it?I know that I can get a list of all elements for a particular element type, then iterate through the list to o...

Resolved! AddOn functions call back

I believe it is possible to call one plugin from another. Is it possible to call a function within one plugin from another plugin ?if so, any documentation? I am asking out of convenience. If one compiles and loads the Example plugins. One could easi...

Resolved! Problems retrieving 3D objects

Hey everyone,i implemented a KD-Tree structure in an Archicad 21 Addon to sort all the 3D elements in the 3D-model. But im having a little trouble feeding the right information to it:As far as i have seen from the example there are basically two ways...

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Resolved! Draw Text

Trying to draw some simple text at the origin. I'm guessing I need to use the function API_Element_Create() but I'm obviously doing something wrong as I get a compile message of 'no suitable conversion function from API_TextType to API_Element'Can't ...

Resolved! ACAPI_WrieReport Format

My add on uses a Alert message via the WriteReport function. I want to format the output message using some embedded variables. but the place holder %s does not seem to work for UniStrings. does work for %f & %d.AS in: GS:: UniString str = 'something...

Ray-to-object 3D intersection test method in Archicad?

Hello!Does the Archicad API support detecting ray-to-object collision/intersection detection.Revit has a pure method Document.FindReferencesWithContextByDirection which takes a ray origin, ray direction and the 3D view and returns references which co...

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