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Hi! Is it documented, where should OSX Archicad find Add-On SDK's frameworks in run-time? Thx,
Dear GraphiSoft, I found an old topic here with an XCode AC20 addon template download link. I found no newer versions of that template on the website. Today supported AC versions are more likely AC24 and AC25. Probably, I can edit that template and m...
Hi! If I need a new XCode project to compile an addon, which project template (+its basic settings) to use? Thx,
Hi! It will be great to find an example of how to set GDL's parameter from the addon. If there is an example in the SDK's "Examples" folder, I cannot identify which one. Could someone help me out, please? Thx,
Hi! When I click on the download link, it offers me AC versions: -25 INT (Mac and Win), -24 HUN (Mac and Win). What I need: -24 INT (Win). Even if I manually update the link in the browser's url field, I cannot convince the website to offer me 24 INT...
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