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Activate build-in addons functions with the API



Is there a way to activate functions from build-in addons in the Archicad?

For example, activate a function from the "Secondary Dimensions" build-in add-on or any other function from any other add-on


Windows 11, Visual Studio 2019, ArchiCAD 26, C++


Joel Buehler

hehey waht you want to do falls under the communication manager


but, you have no knowledge over other add-ons and their interface, when someone else created them.

they outline this problem quite good:


"It is absolutely necessary to provide developer documentation for each add-on which publishes its interface. This document should give details what the functionality of the entry point is, what parameters can be passed, how they are interpreted and what return vales are provided."  


i've never seen any documentation about any add-ons... =( 

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