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Add property to components (parts of a composite wall or slab)

LVirone Greisch

Hello everyone,


Is it possible to add a property to a non-element object like a components (parts of a composite wall or slab) ?


I've found this method which allow to add a property to element : ACAPI_Property_AddProperty (API_PropertyDefinition& definition, const GS::Array<API_Guid>& elemGuids)


When i check which object is an element, components are not :


My goal is to try to add property to the component itself so when I export an IFC, each IfcBuildingElementPart has it's own parameter value which can be different for each layer.


For what I know, only 3 things can be obtained about components:

  1. The ID (API_ComponentID) not a GUID, it's the number in the compound structure.
  2. The 3D geometry (API_Component3D) but I've never tried.
  3. The quantity (API_CompositeQuantity).

But I hope I'm wrong and that we can do more things, like manipulate properties.



Virone Lorenzo
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