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Archicad C++ API
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Get project element parameters


Hello, I've been trying to get embeded library parts parameters. I'm not really sure if i name it correctly but You will know what i mean if you see the screenshot. 

I can iterate through all elements but still, not sure how to get it's params / info. The only thing i could get was ID property but that's all. I tought there would be parameters array when i get an element or maby some 'GetParameters(Element_Guid)' but didn't find any. (sorry for another language on screenshot, but i hope it's all clear so makred it with colors)

On the screenshot there is one .gsm imported library object, right click and the first option (ctrl+t) opens settings window. As I marked with red color, would like to get somehow this parameters as string values. 

Would appreciate help with some .cpp function or solution how to get this values.


archicad object parameters.png


Hi Crocodile,


The parameters of placed objects are stored in the corresponding element memo in the memo.params array.


There's also the function API_LibraryPart_GetParams function to get these params from a given library part (instead of placed object).

It's a bit tough to get a grip on how to properly deal with params. I suggest you check out the example project LibPart_Test.




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