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Grid lines coordinates

Andrey Shulyak
Hello all,

My goal is to get the coordinates of each grid line, preferably in 3D coordinates. Here is the code I am currently using, but the callback never comes, no error is returned. Perhaps someone knows what is wrong here:

GSErrCode __ACENV_CALL CustomNumberingGridLineProc(API_NumberingGridLine *gridLine)
return NoError;
} // CustomNumberingGridLineProc

void ExportGrids()
GS::Array<API_DatabaseUnId> dbases;
API_DatabaseUnId databaseUnIds;
API_WindowInfo windowInfo;
GSErrCode err = ACAPI_Database(APIDb_GetLayoutDatabasesID, &databaseUnIds, &dbases);
if (err == NoError) {
for (const auto& dbUnId : dbases) {
API_DatabaseInfo dbPars = {};
dbPars.databaseUnId = dbUnId;
err = ACAPI_Database(APIDb_GetDatabaseInfoID, &dbPars, nullptr);

if (err == NoError) {
err = ACAPI_Database(APIDb_ChangeCurrentDatabaseID, &dbPars);
err = ACAPI_Environment(APIEnv_GetNumberingGridLinesID, CustomNumberingGridLineProc);

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