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Help: how to hide toolbars

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Hi all. I'm looking for a way to hide Archicad toolbars. I've to develop a tool that disables all Archicad toolbars except the ones that I develop.
It is for a research project, and i want that all the users involved in this research use only tools that i developed for them and don't use standard Archicad tools. I can say them not to use standard tools, but if I can disable them is better 🙂
Thank you all
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Its easy in AC9 (and later I assume) and no programming is required. Just add a path to the "work enviroment" into the registry on each computer.

ie. (windows)

Version should be your version of AC, should be there allready, and registry is different under mac.

data should be for example

and in the folder c:/somepath/defaults/archicad are the xml files you export from the workEnviroment screen where you set up your toolbars.

Do a search in the help for companyDefaults for how to setup this folder.

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