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How to use Grasshopper Player in Grasshopper ArchiCAD connection?


Hello everyone,

I'm new to using Grasshopper ArchiCAD connection, can I ask everyone a question?

I have created a GH file (create some columns and beams in ArchiCAD, as shown below) that can be used with Grasshopper Player. Now I just want to use Grasshopper Player to run that GH file without opening Grashopper.

Can I run the GH file above without opening it in Grasshopper?
I see in the ArchiCAD connection section that you need a GH Document to connect. So how can you connect Grasshopper and ArchiCAD without opening the GH file?

Thanks in advance








I work with the Live Connection from the beginning and it was always the rule to connect an open GH file with an open AC file. A new feature is only that you can control the communication port from GH in case of more than one instance is open.

AC16 -> AC aktuell
WIN 10

Gino Hansen


The purpose of this connection is to see directly (Live) the result of your code in AC and you have a visual feedback in GH if something is wrong with your script

(the nodes change color and show an info). Therefore and to make adjustments it is needed to have the GH file open. It is also called "visual" programming because you see the result.

AC 16- AC27
WIN 10 , Mac Studio OS 12.6

Hi @Gino Hansen ,

Thank you for your answer,
Hmm, So we don't have any way to use the Grasshopper Player for Grasshopper ArchiCAD Connection, Right?


I wouldn't say no...but I can't see the advantages at the moment. But feel free and try everything that comes in your mind. Any progress is an outcome of trying something 😃.

AC 16- AC27
WIN 10 , Mac Studio OS 12.6

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