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About Archicad add-on development using the C++ API.

MFC usage with Archicad Add on

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I have created add-ons for 4 other CAD/3D applications, and have a complex set of MFC based dialogs already built.

I would like to use those same dialogs for an Archicad Add On. Looking at the forum, there does not seem to be support for this? Has anyone found a way?
FWIW, MFC will be useless for a user on macOS.

The DevKit only supports using the Graphisoft provided dialog resource methods. For anything beyond that, I guess you are on your own. I think you either use the method provided or may fall back on using a Browser component and a Web UI.
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I have created a separate DLL with my dialogs, and call them from my Archicad plugin.
This has allowed me to keep my dialogs (and dialog logic) consistent will my other apps.
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Dear MG_NV,
Could you say, what you used for creating UI, that's in your DLL? MFC, Qt, or maybe WPF)))
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I used MFC
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