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Notification Manager

Danny Sparks-Cousins
Hi All,

Can the Notification Manager be used before a user request for the API is called?

I would like to install ACAPI_Notify_CatchProjectEvent prior to the user calling any functions in the API. I have tried adding it to the Initialise function however it only starts catching events once I have called the API from its menu.

Kind Regards,

Tibor Lorantfy
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
Hi Danny,

After ArchiCAD started (and called your add-on's CheckEnvironment and RegisterInterface functions), your add-on will be unloaded from the memory.
It won't work until the user try to use it, and at that point it will be loaded to the memory again and the Initialize function will be called.

So unfortunately it's not possible as far as I know.
I will try to figure out a workaround for that, but I can't promise anything now.


Danny Sparks-Cousins
Thanks Tibor - it would be great if we could identify a workaround but I understand the API was not designed to give that functionality.

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