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OctaneRender plug-in developers wanted !


While not only specific to Archicad and if anyone is intrested, here is a Annoucement found on the official Octanerender forum,
Hi everyone,

The announcement of our OctaneRender® SDK (Software Development Kit) over one year ago has been a tremendous success: we have received many applications
from developers wishing to license the OctaneRender® SDK to develop an integrated plugin product in collaboration with our company.

We've already announced six integrated plug-in products that are being sold or in development (for 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage|XSI, Daz, Poser and Lightwave) and
there are several unannounced plug-ins in development. However, there are still many popular 3D animation and modeling packages that do not have a plugin planned
yet, so don't hesitate to contact us and express your interest regarding a specific application.


'Integrated plugin' means a complete, native plugin with viewport, scene and material integration into a host application with instant interactive feedback and instant
geometry and parameter/node manipulation, sold as a separate product for the host application in question.

There are still many opportunities available as there are a wealth of different applications a plugin can be developed for. We have developed a special, easy licensing
model to allow companies or individuals to develop these plugin products with the help of our software engineers, and a simple and nearly effortless way to advertise,
sell and support the new plugin product via our existing infrastructure and sales channels.

We also want parties who develop plugin products to be highly motivated to keep developing further, provide quality 3rd line support, and improve the product over time.

If you are interested, please contact via e-mail at: info at octanerender dot com and we will send you an information sheet and advise on the availability of the host
application you would like to develop for.


If you are an OctaneRender user and would like to see a tightly integrated, viewport fitted OctaneRender plugin product for your favorite 3D application, feel free to link or
reproduce this announcement on community boards where software developers who could be interested in the plugin program frequent.

The OctaneRender Team

FYI, Octane is Gpu unbaised renderer , with an outsanding rendering could be also really interesting to have multiple choices for rendering solutions with Archicad ( along with Maxwell and Artlantis )
AC12_20 |Win10_64bit|
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There is a plugin in progress. See for the announcement.
Thanks for the information, I guess that the plugin was under development from some time...

It is good to see ArchiCAD having some intrest from developer(s). let's hope more will come. The plugin seems interesting.
AC12_20 |Win10_64bit|

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