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Archicad C++ API
About Archicad add-on development using the C++ API.

Outdated Addon Error


hi. i really need your help.


I Deleveloped ARCHICAD 23 AddOn using VS2019 with the 2017 toolset.

(I also completed the MDID setup.)

I've been testing this addon at work, and some of the PCs are getting the OUTDATED error.


My PC(write addon) : Archicad 23 7000. Development 23.3006  -> OK

Test PC A) Archicad 23 hotfix 6004.  Install VS2019 and Development 23.3006 -> OK

Test PC B) Archicad 23 hotfix 6004. Install VS2019 -> OK

Test PC C) Archicad 23 hotfix 6004.  -> Outdated Error

Test PC D) Archicad 23 hotfix 6004 -> Outdated Error


I've tried all the things suggested in the community as solutions for the outdated addon,

but nothing has worked. Can anyone help me?




Did you compile in Release or Debug mode? Could be that the Debug build only works on machines with VS installed due to some libraries which are not in normal C++ redistributables.

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