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Overriding element creation buttons

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I am new at developing in the Archicad API, and I have been assigned to write a plug-in for it.
One of the core functionalities of it is being able to pull pre-parametrized elements from a side menu.

I found the ACAPI_Create_Element would be useful for this, however, it is kind of clunky to have to create the element by clicking a button, then moving/redimensionning it .

Would it be possible to override or re-code, for example , the functionnality of the Wall button, with the drag & drop on the architecture canvas ? I searched around the ACAPI functions, but could not find anything with "graphic capabilities" , and as this is my first time using Archicad, I am not aware of any plugins doing similar things.

Thanks for your help !
Ralph Wessel
Are you sure Favourites doesn't already provide the functionality you're after?
Ralph Wessel BArch
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Spoked about it with my chief, showed him the feature, and it sounds like I kind of misinterpreted what he looked for.

Thanks for your help !
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