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Archicad C++ API
About Archicad add-on development using the C++ API.

Project export


Hi all,


I'm doing a lot of file auditing and was wondering if there was a way to export the entire project to a format that can be queried externally? Similar to how attributes can be exported to .xml.


My pain points are mainly items that can't be scheduled. SEO operations, lines, polylines, text. Archicad would surely store this information somewhere so if there was a way to search, it would cut down time going through stories and find&select things.

BIM manager

Hi DavorP,


there's an option to export to IFC as xml. Is this sufficient for your needs?


Otherwise I'm only aware of coding it yourself. You could go via the Python / Archicad JSON Interface but this is probably to little information for your purpose. So the C++ API is probably what you need. There's also an example included of exporting information to text files. See the APIOutputFramework and Plan_Dump examples. In general, I think it will be a decent amount of development work to get the specific information out in case you want to go this custom route.


Hope that helps a bit,


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