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TEXTBLOCK lines height adjustment


I've been putting up a custom schedule in GDL to list finishes of a project out of surfaces, and it seems to be working all fine, but I would like to have the text block lines a bit closer to each other.





Is there a height factor to be applied to text blocks? I couldn't find such thing in the reference guide.


Thanks in advance!



Architect / BIM Manager at IDEIA1 -
Archicad 26 / Windows 10 64

See if these links help...

Creating a Label Text with AC Globals

Parameters for Text Handling

Line spacing is controllable in the Paragraph command 


Apple iMac Intel i9 / macOS Sonoma / AC27UKI (most recent builds.. if they work)

It is not in the textblock but paragraph definition and it is called line_spacing there:


Oh right. Then I assume I should use paragraph instead of textblock to be able to control that. I can't see how I define the paragraph's width, though. I'm using textblock because I need to restrict the width of the text to have an automatic line break.

Architect / BIM Manager at IDEIA1 -
Archicad 26 / Windows 10 64

You _are_ using paragraphs when using textblocks  😉

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