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Teamwork add object to library

Vincent Schmitt BIMm

TLDR: What's the correct way to add an object to a Teamwork library using the Archicad API?




In our plugin we create objects at runtime using Archicad's "xml2libpart" program and place them in the project. This works fine for a project used by one person, but when used with Teamwork, the object is only added to the library of the person who created the object.

The reason why the item is not uploaded could be that we are creating it in the wrong folder. We create it in the folder where the library is. However, files that are to be uploaded to the BIMmCloud are created in the LibraryUserCache folder within their own folder, named with a unique ID that is different from the object's unique ID.

Simply creating the object in this folder and choosing a random unique ID does not seem to solve our problem. So what is the right way to create an object and add it to the Teamwork library? There should be no manual steps involved in the process.


Thank you in advance!


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