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Updating Favorite Properties by external Excel

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Hi forum

Is it possible to access a projects favorites and update their properties through the API?

Preferably from an external Excel file with matching columns to properties.
Ralph Wessel
I haven't tried to do this, but I think it should be possible. I don't see an option to modify an existing favourite, but I suppose you could simply delete the original and create the updated version in its place.

There's also a command to import Favorites from an external file.
Ralph Wessel BArch
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You can update setup with XML file in attribute window.

In API Favorites seems to have its own commands to handle them. Thankfully with override version. I Haven't tried it as well.

So import export seems possible. Update of elements is probably a completely different story...
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Hi guys, that sounds very promising

Although I would love to see Link of BIM6Xs idea about “linked favorites” (what an appropriate name) pioneered more than 7 years ago on this forum come to fruition it is not totally crucial for this workflow.

1. Client have +1000 favorites (retail) with loads of Properties and custom classification
2. The price changes on 300 objects
3. Favorites must be updated from the master backend system working through Excelsheets

So one solution could be exporting as xml and updating in batch with an external tool, but much more interesting to be able to write directly to the template file into the favorites. This off course implies proper columns to properties and some master Id number such as product serial.

I am in contact with GS about options here but extremely interesting to hear your experiences and ideas so many thanks.
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If it more like furnishing/doors/windows library Id suggests doing GDL library for it. As far as I know, you can update them with XML/SQL.

If it's building the product such as wall/slab/building material then favourites have sense but probably you need to create appropriate Attributes first. And then there are other issues with using favourites as well...
Yep excel import will work better especially if your client data are sored and update in this format. Import/Export is pretty straightforward there is a good example in Database_Control solution.

Form BIM6x I was trying RVT connection but since it didn't work I just skip their solutions and didn't tie anything else.
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