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Use bimcloud as hotlink node source location



I was trying to figure out how to generate IO::Location to use bimcloud files in the hotlink node source location

Here is what it looks like if the hotlink node source location is from a local file:


where the source type is APIHotlink_LocalFile in which the server location is null.

On the other hand, this is the hotlink node when using BIMcloud as a source (I manually inserted an HLM bimcloud source and check the element data)

As you can see, the source type is APIHotlink_TWFS and the server source location is not null.
However, I cannot find any correlation on how was the sourceLocation was configured (upon comparing the sourceLocation and serverSourceLocation) in which the networkAddress and localAddress doesn't match.

I tried looking for a reference in the api examples but there is no available example that uses a bimcloud as source location.