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What is the modification time value

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projectInfo has a modiStamp field which is UInt64.
How is that value interpreted please?

If I open a new project and get the projectInfo, the modiStamp field has a value, which changes with every successive call to get the projectInfo even when nothing else is done to the file.
Tibor Lorantfy
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
I have tested this, and as far as I know the modiStamp value changes even when you are zooming in/out, moving the camera, changing the view too.
But modiStamp won't change if you won't touch the project.
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If you close the file without saving and re-open it, the modiStamp seems to revert to its original value and then start incrementing again.

I'm looking for a way to tell if the file has been changed since the last save. Any suggestions?
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