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Which Compiler?

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There are a bunch of MicroSoft C++ compilers out there, in your opinion which should I buy to do API programming? I'm looking for compatibility, but also longevity. If I buy a compiler it had better last a few years -- I don't want to have to upgrade 2 years down the road.

6.0 Enterprise?
6.0 Pro?
.NET Standard 2003?
.NET Standard 2002?
.NET Pro 2003?
Karl Ottenstein
stefan wrote:
For ArchiCAD 9.0 development... you have to wait until it is released to have some official information.
Actually, Andras gave the official answer ealier in this thread on June 21: 😉
Andras wrote:
The Add-Ons developed for 8.x (and before) require the Visual C++ 6.0 compiler and runtime libraries. Although it might be possible to to use a newer compiler, Graphisoft hasn't investigated this deeper (and we don't intend to do so), so if you do this it's 'asking for trouble'.

On the other hand the upcoming ArchiCAD 9.0 version is compiled using the Visual C++ 7.1 (.NET 2003) compiler, so the API development requires the same compiler (and runtime libraries). (NOT Visual C++ 7.0 (VS .NET) compiler and runtime libraries!)
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