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about Request function

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can i create a certain add-on with ApiDevKit to add a new request item?
if possible, how?

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Akos wrote:
The current policy is that if some independent developer wants to use this developer kit a development plan has to be submitted upon which Graphisoft can decide if access to use this developer kit will be granted.
Why not release the kit? With this kit, the method of developmentg is full-scale.

I beg for the GDL DevKit.
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When would you release the GDL DevKit again?
Karl Ottenstein
Wolf wrote:
When would you release the GDL DevKit again?
I believe Akos has given you the answer. If you want the GDL DevKit, you must communicate directly with GS with a specific proposal and negotiate privately, not on this forum.

However, if someone has what they think is a valid project for which GS does not grant access to the GDL DevKit, or does not provide it in a timely manner, I encourage bringing the discussion back here to your fellow users for us to collectively provide opinion and input to GS.

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