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change menu name ,and rebuild,it still be old


Hi, It's success for me to build my First Add on by following blog, But I am confused by a stranger problem,where I change my code in cpp, rebuild it and it works,but I change Menu name,and rebuild,it still be old. I search the forum for answer, ths closet topic is , but it's pretty pity that it does not work for me.

please give me some instructions.

Sam Karli

Consider Cleaning the project before building. Only rebuilding AFAIK doesn't rebuild resources (.grc etc files) and thus the old names will stay. "Build/Clean Solution".

GDL/Python/C++ dev
Miklos Vegh

Try to close Archicad and remove the WorkEnvironment and the Latest WorkEnvironment folders from the C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Graphisoft\Archicad xxx


I had a similar problem with making edits to a menu after I had already successfully loaded it in to Archicad.  My solution was found at:

Options > Work Environment > Menus

I was able to add and manipulate different choices of the menu item that were loaded into Archicad with the modified code but were never associated with the original menu item.

Chris Gilmer
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