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Archicad C++ API
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is it possible to get Archicad Icons?

Vincent Schmitt BIMm


I'm currently programming a palette for Archicad, that can alter Parameters of an Object. For better readability I would like to use Archicads default Plugins to visualize certain parameters like e.g. the height of an object above floor- or sea-level or the sill height of a window (See pictures).


I already know that I can get some Icons like the Wall- or Window-Icon in the Devkit. Is there a way to get the other Icons mentioned above?

Thank You for helping out!

Vincent Schmitt


Hello @Vincent Schmitt BIMm,


On Mac, there are plenty of .tiff images in Graphisoft/Archicad <XX>/Archicad <XX>/Contents/Ressources/


There are thousands of icons in that folder so you may find what you need there. |
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Miklos Vegh

Icons can be set on dialog elements usually with the SetIcon member function and a DG::Icon parameter. The DG::Icon has multiple constructors, one of them is the
DG::Icon (GSResModule resModule, short resId);
If you specify the resource module and the icon identifier then the icon can be loaded.

Those icons mentioned above are located in the ArchiCAD.exe file. If you know the icon identifier you can load the icon by using the resource module identifier returned by the RSGetApplicationResModule () function call.


#include "RS.hpp"

DG::Icon icn (RSGetApplicationResModule (), iconId);


Finding the icon identifier is tricky as one need to examine the resources with the Visual Studio resource editor.

Ok thank you both! I have already found the Icons, but I will have a look if I can find them with the resource editor, as it would be easier to use them.

Miklos Vegh

In the VS resource editor you find the images with name in the form of I<iconId>&<dpi> like I9200&192. Here the icon Id is 9200.

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