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Python - Listing userID in excel




Hi everyone,


I'm hoping for a bit of help here, I'm using the Room Report Generator as a basis to create as you guessed room reports.  I'll be honest to say I'm good at learning code but I've not used Python before, so it's a steep learning curved.   I've managed to change the 'easy' single cell sections to the user defined properties, but I'm struggling to change the door information.  I would like to list out user properties that are associated to the door, rather than the IDs and Library part name.  (I.e. a user defined Manufacturer and Door Type).


I've been trying to combine the suggestion from here along with the example project, but I can't seem to progress, it'd be great if anyone has any suggestions.


In addition to the above, does the python API allow you to list out Custom Door panels? This is less important but equally great!  


Thank you in advance






The present Python API can not read parameters of Library Objects r of which a door is one. However the C++ API can, So Python could read a Doors parameters through a ADD-ON and the commandHandler function. I have created a Add-on for release 26 and windows. and posted the add-on and the Python demo script on GitHub. A demo video is posted on YouTube:


Read Object Parameters in Python 


The GitHub site is listed in the video description. BTW the library parameter name for the custom leaf, if used, is "gs_cust_panel" You could also get this name by using the interactive schedule and use the Library Part Listing (selection).


Windows 11 - Visual Studio 2022; ArchiCAD 27

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