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BIMx Graphics Bug

Brad Elliott

I have a interior elevation rendering issue happening with BIMx.

The tile image used for the elevations renders fine when looked at in ArchiCAD, published pdf's, and even in the BIMx 3d fly through model. However when you go to the BIMx interior elevation sheet it doesn't render properly. I have attached images showing it in pdf, 3d and BIMx doc.


I have tried republishing and it hasn't helped and it does this on the IOS app as well as the web page.


Has anyone else seen this problem?

BIMx 3d.jpg

BIMx Document.jpg

PDF Document.jpg


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@Brad Elliott Have you tried reporting this through the iOS app or other feedback link. The developers are usually very good at responding to any problems.

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Karl Ottenstein

Is this with the new release of BIMx?


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Roland Szabo

Hello Brad, thanks for the report. We received your mail. The BIMx experts in the support team are investigating this export issue and will reply soon.

Roland Szabo
BIMx Product Manager

To update everyone, this is a known issue that will be fixed in AC27. Here's the current workaround.

As a cumbersome workaround, you can create two different textures for the distorted and for the non-distorted appearance. 

  • make a copy and rename the "23_slate pavers stone regular blocks texture-seamless.png"
  • add it to the library
  • create a new texture with this image
  • this way you will have 2 different textures referring to different images (by name) in the library, but they will look the same
  • replace the original surface override with this new surface

The client went with a slightly different tile and the new pattern rendered fine so that was an easier work around.

Mac OS12.6 AC26 USA Silicon
M1 Macbook Pro
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