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when accessing objects/elements via a hyperlink the actual view towards the object/element seems to be generated by some algorithm and may differ as the project evloves.
so i am looking for a way to properly present objects via hyperlinks - with a custom view.
when copying the hyperlink from within the BIMx model, there is an appendix like: &cameraPos=...&viewDirection=...
which would be exactly what i am looking for. but using the links with "&cameraPos=.." does not seem to have any effect on the actual view.
am i doing something wrong? if not is this coming in the future??
(AC22, BIMx-Pro2018.2.1693, Android4.03)
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hmmm .. after making hundreds of tests i am still stuck here. to make the question more easy:

Does accessing hyperlinks with camposition and viewdirection (copied from within the app) bring anyone back to the same location and view?
And if so pls let me know if you are on android or apple. otherwise i may be chasing ghosts here.

because for me on android only viewdirection works but the camposition seems to always be random (bug? not supported? something i do wrong?). Any help appreciated!
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The Hyperlink-View suddenly started working fine for me, I cant even reproduce the error now.
Very very happy afterall

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