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BIMx Known Issues

Norbert Kucsma

Compatibility of the BIMcloud integrated BIMx Web app


BIMcloud still has an older version of BIMx Web compared to BIMx Model Transfer (where you can access the latest version). Before we update the BIMcloud version of BIMx within a few months, we strongly recommend using the desktop or mobile applications instead for better performance and additional features like measure, shadows with date&time sun positioning and interactive labels. Check BIMx News for more details about the latest Web version.

These limitations are present in BIMcloud 2023.3's Web Viewer, in Hyper-models published from Archicad 27:

  • Elements created with Archicad 27's new MEP modeler doesn't appear in 3D.
  • If there are multiple 3D Views saved as design options created in Archicad 27, BIMx might open not the relevant 3D of the design option displayed on Layout. if e.g. I have the drawing of design option "B", BIMx might open the 3D of option "A", so the model and the traced layout will not match.


Any questions, feel free to contact our BIMx experts at!

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