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Can BIMx do it ?


Hello Gurus,

We need to enable a user in the field to introduce changes in central BIM model via BIMx.

It has to be customized user friendly editor which will allow the user to amend the 

plumbing plan.  I am aware to the BimCloud messaging option, however the problem 

is that at the crucial point of introducing the change,  all that is possible is screen capture or take a picture 

and annotate it. We would like at that point to launch a customized editor with 

drag and drop options and some drawing tools which is aware of the underlying object model, then attach 

it's output to the message sent to BimCloud. 


Any idea ?










Barry Kelly

BIMx is just a model viewer.

To edit the model you will need to use Archicad out in the field.

Otherwise it is using the mark up system and then make the changes back in the office.



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It makes no sense in this context to use full blown Archicad copy in the field as it is a mobile device, and unskilled users. However It is possible to create a custom application to modify the model provided by BIMx and communicate the required changes back to Archicad to be applied on the master copy by means of an API (add on or script). So, it boils down tot the question whether at the integration point in the field, BIMx can expose the model to some 3rd party application to generate the required GUI (preferable embedded in the BIMx view) ? 







BIMx is a model presenter/viewer tool, it is not possible to directly manipulate the model from it. I understand the proposed workflow, it is definitely something we will consider for the future.





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