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IFC import

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Hi again.

So we are importing an ifc and some elements were converted to archicad columns and beams and others are just objects (based on our ifc translator)

Is there any setting I can tweak to make every ifc element converted to real archicad elements and not objects or morphs?

Also the Archicad reference guide advises to set the translator to translate construction elements to objects instead of morphs. I prefer conversion to morphs because they have the same floor plan display options as in archicad columns, beams, walls etc....

Is there any disadvantage from converting elements to morphs instead of objects?

Looking forward to your wisdom!!! thanks in advance!!!

Hello Luiscardoso,

A object can be repeat into your model to reduce the weight of your file : not a morph.
A morph is not as easy to modify than a bim conception tool like slab, beam or column.

To modify easily an ifc with archicad nativ tools, it might be even more easy by importing an IFC 4 by design transfer view. But today there are not many software to do this with the right certification :
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