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New Request for Graphisoft Team

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I have a new request for downloading Archicad goodies on the Graphisoft web site.
Currently (if you're come from Europe) we must download separately all goodies.
Is it possible for Graphisoft (like for goodies download for USA) to add one dmg image with all goodies included ?

It would be much more convenient to install it (we have 56 workstations).
Thank a lot for your support and help
Have a nice day

Barry Kelly
What I do is install all the goodies on one machine and then just copy the add-on folder to a USB drive or network drive and then copy that across to all the other machines.


One of the forum moderators.
Versions 6.5 to 25
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Hi Barry,

Thank you for your answer. It's good idea.
But, we use a deployment software (munki) and an very useful add-on (autopkg). Autopkg can download automatically all update software on a website and import them automatically on Munki.
And if all goodies are in only one dmg, it's very useful to download it automatically
This is my main goal.

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