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Trouble with lists

Chris Hough
First off, greetings to everyone. I've been a long time user of Archicad (since version 4.5) and I've not participated much in the forums here, but I'm stuck on something and not seeing an answer readily, and thought someone here might be able to help.

Basically, I've got a custom library part I've made (for a parking lot layout). Yes, I know Graphisoft has made some very nice ones, but they are VERY complex. All I need is a box with variable sizes and an auto-generating text calling out the number of spaces- simple enough. I've gone ahead and made a property script and been able to link it to a very basic element list so that it will report the total number of parking spaces easily enough. I can then manually type out a parking lot table; however, I'd like to have Archicad auto-generate something for me that I can just stick on the layout.

What I'd LIKE to do is create a "schedule" (or something schedule-like) that I can then put onto my project layout that will tabulate the parking spaces. For reasons I cannot possibly comprehend however, the graphical template for the list schemes is horribly, horribly unintuitive and I've been unable to figure out how to get it to generate something nice looking. Why on earth Graphisoft would not have a more intuitive interface for something so "simple" I cannot imagine. I can only imagine that one of you fine fellows has mastered this or has a much more simple workaround that is escaping me for the moment.

I have versions 11 though 15 at my office. From what I can tell, this part of the program has very little difference between these versions, and I can get the project into any of these versions if needed. Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Owner, Heritage Design Studio
AC 4.5-25
Maco OS Big Sur | 2.4 Ghz i9 | 32Gb | AMD RX 5700 XT

It sounds like a Schedule might be your answer.
I'm assuming that the output text from your object's GDL code is a parameter value. As long as that parameter is a 'real number', you could create a schedule listing only your parking space objects, and add the parameter name to the schedule fields. Using the "Define Schedule Fields" (look it up in ArchiCAD Help), you could make the schedule sum up the total number of parking spaces.
Scott Graham, AIA LEED BD+C

Principal | BIM Manager

Muhlenberg Greene Architects, Ltd.

Wyomissing, PA 19610


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