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A macro for ArchiCAD->Excel->ArchiCAD exchange. Here it is.

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Hi, all.

I am sorry for the long delay with the macro, but I have done it finally. It is a macro, which modifies parameters of library parts according to an Excel spreadsheet. The tool can help you enrich your interactive schedules with a lot of information, prepared in a user friendly Excel environment.
You can download the distribution package here: - the link has been updated, it shouldn't have download limitations, as the file reshared from a Premium Account.

The most recent version of the macro is 1.02. You can download it here:
Also you can download premodified version of the ArchiCAD 12 US standard library here:

The package contains The User's guide (PDF), the macro itself (for ArchiCAD 12 Win), and additional files for the macro. This version has been tested with ArchiCAD 12 R2420 INT FULL and Microsoft Excel 2003.

I am afraid that some things can be not clear. Please contact me in case of any questions/comments.

In the next post you can read a description of the macro.

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Overview: What the SelfModificafion Macro is?

The macro lets you add self-modification functionality to ArchiCAD standard library parts. With a call to the macro, any library part can modify its parameters according to an Excel spreadsheet XML file. Each row in the file defines a library part, which parameters will be modified, and a new value for each parameter, which you want to modify.

You can adopt the macro for modification of any parameters (if the modification is supported by GDL). But the main goal of the macro is improving interactive scheduling.

Interactive schedules can include a lot of information from library parts, but it is not easy to manage the information. This macro can help you solve the problem.

At first, you can update all library parts with consistent information about cost, manufacturer, product numbers, etc. After that update, you can use the information in interactive schedules.

In addition to that, you can do calculations in Excel and save results in some parameters of library parts. For example, you can calculate general cost and weight for each type of doors, which you use in your project, and load these values as a string with appropriate unit into “User Defined #” parameters of each library part. After that you can use these parameters for displaying this information in your interactive schedules. I don’t think it is a very good idea, as you have to remember to modify your Excel spreadsheet after inserting/excluding any door in your project, but you can find it useful in some way.

In the best scenario, you have a rather permanent range of real object, which you use in your projects (doors, windows, furniture, etc.). In this way you can create an Excel file, which will define all real-word parameters of these objects, which you need in your schedules. After that you need only place the file into a library folder of your particular project and place names/IDs of library objects in rows of the real-world object, which they relate to.

Karl Ottenstein
Wow. I cannot think of anyone who has donated this much energy to the community on a single project before, Leo - complete with a 41 page user guide. Very kind and generous of you ... and a lot of lateral thinking involved! I hope your brain can still work on normal problems after doing this twisted thing! 🙂

I read through the manual, but do not have the time right now to try things other than to note that the approach may not work on Macs. I only have Office 2004, but it will not open XML files properly, nor do I have options to export XMl from ArchiCAD. The only publisher options are DWG, List, PMK and PDF for schedules ... and HTML, List, List with Tabs and PDF for lists.

On the PC side, even Excel 2002 opens an XML file properly, so I think Windows people will have no problems with your instructions.


[Edit: I just tried Open Office 3 on the Mac: the spreadsheet there cannot open XML, but it can export to MS Excel XML format.]
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Barry Kelly
Your macro sounds very interesting but unfortunately it seems it can only be downloaded 10 times from Rapid Share.
I am getting the following error.

This file is neither allocated to a Premium Account, or a Collector's Account, and can therefore only be downloaded 10 times.

This limit is reached.

To download this file, the uploader either needs to transfer this file into his/her Collector's Account, or upload the file again. The file can later be moved to a Collector's Account. The uploader just needs to click the delete link of the file to get further information.

Any chance you could re-share it please.
Or add it to the GDL Object Depository?
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Barry wrote:
Your macro sounds very interesting but unfortunately it seems it can only be downloaded 10 times from Rapid Share.
Thank you for this message, Barry. I have already changed the link. Now it should work well, as the new link is created from Premium Account.

The new link is:

Unfortunately, the archive is 800 Kb at size, so I am not sure it can be placed into GDL depositary.


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Hello, Karl.

I tried to do my best for the community . But don't scare everyone, please - nowadays only a few people read manuals . Especially long ones.
Really, the manual is 41-page in size because it contains a lot of pictures only.

From my point of view, ArchiCAD itself and GDL as a part of the program train us in lateral thinking a lot. The macro and problems around it have made my point stronger in this opinion.

I guess you have a way for using this macro at Mac. Just save a schedule as a List with Tabs and open it in Excel as a Tab-delimited text file. I hope Excel can save XML files on Mac platform. But I haven't tested the macro at the platform... If it is the only environment, which you can use to test the macro, I'll try to test it there.


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I use two sandboxing apps when I need other OS's inside my current one:
Virtual Machine

Virtual machine is free, and works great for testing, as well as you can DL legal OS images for this sort of thing

VMware is the most comprehensive, and can do anything except completely give you the same 3d performance (yet). They make a free player and you can demo most of their apps.

-Not to suggest more work and testing, from what I see you're doing a heck of a lot and sharing it too. Nice!!!

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To JP-Design: Do you know any way to get legal MacOS X image or something like that? As I know, we can use legal MacOS X if we buy a Mac only

To Karl Ottenstein: I've tested the macro on MacOS X platform (ArchiCAD 12 Rus FULL). As I suggested, you can save a schedule as Tab-delimited-Text and open the file in Excel. After that save it as XML spreadsheet.
At a first glance, the macro works well. So, try to use it, if it can be useful or interesting for you.

With the increased need for using XML in various contexts, can anyone recommend exceptional XML editors for both Mac and Windows.

Only newer versions of Microsoft Office do this and I would prefer not to upgrade.
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Open source and free.

Mac OS legals- not a problem (virtualmachine has images as I recall) but the REAL trick might be getting a non-hacked virus-free AC-12 for it...yeah?

For your use, I'll bet AC staff would make you a virtualmachine image with both, ready to go. If the have the VMWare ACE they can limit it in whatever ways necessary (like expires every month) to satisfy any legal issues.

I think you're entitled to developers rights on both.
AC -STEP UP!!! Get this guy an ISO ASAP!

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