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Adding the 'Description' parameter from the Property Manager to a Schedule

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to create a schedule where I can have different columns for the Property Group, Property Name, and Property Description. It's essentially a check for myself of what is in this specific property group, so that I don't have to keep opening the Property Manager.

I'm adding all of our general notes as individual properties, so that I can bring them in as Autotext in a Label. It might be a silly idea, but I would love everyone's feedback.

thank you!
I might be wrong -- But I don't this is possible in the standard schedules.

You could,however, do this by using Python and writing the information to a external Excel sheet. I don't know of a way of exporting info from a excel sheet to a element schedule. But you could then cut/paste.

There is a example in the 23 experimental python build that does exactly this except, the group and description column would have to be added -- easily done. I believe this could also be done with the new release in 24. But there is no example in 24 and 24 has a different format than 23.

Not sure about your autotext thing - need more explanation.

AFAIK -- The ability for Python to write to standard schedules in Archicad or create one is not on the agenda any time soon. A fatal decision? Graphisoft's management has stated that the purpose of Python is to automate mundane tasks as you describe, but then, they cripple its practical use? - Very strange -- Don't think this will help but if you want explore further, let me know.

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Tim Ball
You can create any property you want in the properties manager, then that property becomes available both for autotext and schedules
Tim Ball

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