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2024 Technology Preview Program:
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Collaboration with other software
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Area scheduling - zone categories by floor level

Hi Scheduling Gurus.

This request seems so basic, but we're absolutely stumped. After some googling, we can't really find any examples of this either - so sorry in advance if we've missed something fundamental!

We need to report multi-storey building areas. In a schedule similar to the one attached. The formatting isn't an issue - it's simply getting Zone names or categories to list by levels so we can report both floor area Zone mix by level, and Zone category by the same schedule.

We've resorted to typing it all in manually for now, which makes me cry inside.
24 / 25 Win10 & Win11 & OSX
Although, the properties you are trying to schedule are available in the element schedules, I don't believe that the format you have shown is possible. You could just rearrange the columns, but based on your description, I am guessing you need the format shown.

You could, however, recreate the row/column format - with areas - directly in excel by using the new Python API released in 24.
The only problem there is that "home story" is not available yet to the Python API. But you can get around that by creating a custom property referencing the home story. The custom property (home story) would then be available to Python. All other steps would be straight forward.

Windows 11 - Visual Studio 2022; ArchiCAD 27